The Wonders of Chamomile Baby Rub

If you have been a Lux Amare customer for even a short time, you have likely heard of Chamomile Baby Rub, or CBR as it is lovingly referred to. (Also magic-in-a-bottle, the Everything Oil, etc.) CBR may have been your first Lux Amare purchase! Many mamas refer their friends to CBR to help their teething babies.

Some mamas know it only for this one purpose. Today I want to share many more uses for Chamomile Baby Rub, because it is great for so many things and people of all ages and sizes! Read on to learn more.

Chamomile Baby Rub is a concentrate. The recommended application is one drop per 10-lbs body weight, applied externally to affected area. This therapeutic dose can be repeated hourly, or even every 5 minutes during acute symptoms (immunization site, bee sting, open wound). 

Chamomile Baby Rub can be used in conjunction with other Lux Amare Wellness blends. It is perfectly safe, gentle, and effective for infants. It can be applied externally to anyone, anywhere, for anything; consider it your First Aid Kit in a bottle. Some uses for CBR:

  • Burns/Cuts/Stings: Apply enough to cover affected area every 10 min. for the first hour, and hourly thereafter for the first day, and 6 x/day thereafter until healed.
  • Colic: Apply to chest and tummy. Repeat hourly if needed.
  • Diaper rash: Apply to area at every diaper change. (The 1oz Mist Chamomile Baby Rub is great for this!) In addition, add Baby Relax to bath for bathing. Use for cleansing and moisturizing needs as well as applying to bottom to help prevent and heal diaper rash. Apply after bathing to dry skin for any skin irritations or dryness. 
  • Earache: Distribute recommended therapeutic dose externally on and around ears hourly. Apply one drop in ear 3x/day. Add recommended dose of Protection Concentrate externally, on and around ears for additional pain relief, up to 6x/day. 
  • Emotional upset, fussiness: Distribute recommended therapeutic dose to any or all of these areas: under nose, on cheeks and jaw, chest and back. Can be repeated hourly. Including Baby Relax in baby's bath, massage and at bedtime is very helpful.
  • Episiotomy: Apply 4-6 drops to affected area at least 6x/day.
  • Genital rawness/soreness: Apply a therapeutic dose (1 drop/10 lbs body weight) 3 -6 x/day.
  • Hemorrhoids: Apply 4-6 drops at least 6x/day. 
  • Immunization pain and swelling: Apply 1-2 drops immediately following at immunization site, and repeat every 5-10 minutes for the first hour, and hourly thereafter, as needed for pain and upset.
  • Menstrual cramps: Apply 12-15 drops to lower abdomen as needed. 
  • Nipple rawness, soreness: Apply 1-2 drops (or more) hourly or more frequently, as needed. Allow to absorb completely before breast-feeding. 
  • Piercings: Apply 1-2 drops 6x/day until healing is complete.
  • Sty, Clogged Tear Duct, Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): Apply one drop around (not in) eye, (being careful to not apply too close to eye as oil migrates), 3-6 x/day. It is helpful to also incorporate a warm lavender compress.
  • Rashes: Apply a therapeutic dose (1 drop/10 lbs body weight) to affected area, 3 -6 x/day.
  • Teething: Distribute 1 drop/10 lbs body weight externally above and below mouth, along jaw and below cheekbones, and around ears, up to hourly for acute symptoms. Distribute one drop/10 lbs body weight of Protection Concentrate to jaw and cheekbones for additional pain relief. 
  • Umbilicus Healing: Apply 1 drop 3-6 x/day.
Chamomile Baby Rub can be used wherever pain and/or inflammation are involved, whether physical or emotional. To discover more about this magical oil, please use the search bar at the top right of the Facebook Lux Amare Closed Group page. It will bring up all related posts.

A 10ml bottle of Chamomile Baby Rub contains approximately 360 drops. If your baby weighs 20 lbs., a therapeutic dose would be 2 drops, therefore your 10ml bottle of CBR will provide 180 therapeutic doses. 

Most of you are familiar with the Chamomile Baby Rub in the 10ml bottle. Did you know Chamomile Baby Rub also comes in a 1oz Mist or a 30ml Euro Dropper bottle?


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