A Note From the Founder, Elizabeth Reynolds

Lux Amare
| ləks | a | mär | ay

ORIGIN: from Latin,
literally ‘the light of love.’

As a Master Aromatherapist, I have spent more than 34 years researching and teaching about the healing properties of essential oils as well as formulating custom blends for clients in the US and Europe. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the complexities of essential oils and how they benefit us physically, emotionally and spiritually. The healing power of essential oils continues to amaze me as well our customers.

I am passionate about the purity of the ingredients I use, as well as the integrity of my company.

Lux Amare blends are expertly formulated, 100% active botanical extracts incorporating the most pristine essential oils available from around the world. I have extremely high standards for making the purest and most effective wellness and skin care products possible. The flow of enthusiastic testimonials we receive from our customers demonstrates this.

I am passionate about wellness in all forms; spiritual, physical and emotional. I’ve spent decades researching and formulating therapeutic essential oil remedies and holistic health care practices. Lux Amare is a reflection of my commitment to integrity and health.


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