Gena Kirby - Doula and Founder/CEO Progressive Parenting RadioI LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Lux Amare products we use! The Chamomile Baby Rub and the Tranquility Concentrate are life savers! I want to buy the WHOLE line of products. It all smells so wonderful and really works!

Gena Kirby Doula and Founder/CEO Progressive Parenting Radio

Nikki Nicoletto - ChristieHair Stylist, Yoga Instructor

This is an amazing product line. I have used the Peace Concentrate oil to help me get grounded. I have all the Chakra Synergy blends I use according to the day. I use Immune Stimulant Concentrate when I am starting to feel sick. My newest addition is the Prosperity Mist and I love it. (It's working.) I am in love with Elizabeth Reynolds’ products. Thank you for helping me better my life with your sweet oils and mists, made with love.

Nikki Nicoletto-Christie  Hair Stylist, Yoga Instructor

Sandy Lipkin - IP Attorney

Revolutionary, indulgent, magnifico...I love these products so much. I look forward to washing my face every night. ♥

Sandy Lipkin  IP Attorney

Ana Paula - MarkelOwner, BINI Birth

Nothing beats the quality of Lux Amare and all the love that goes into each product!! Ana Paula Markel, Owner, BINI BirthI love my Lux Amare Oils! I love my Lux Amare Oils!

Ana Paula Markel  Owner, BINI Birth

Lux Amare Fan - Founder/Director, Saint Soul

I have only good things to say about this amazing woman behind this amazing line. It carries the frequency of some serious goddess energy, with a major hint of healing and lots of self-romance. Just try Lux Amare and let the results speak for themselves. I'm a lifelong fan and customer.

Lux Amare Fan
Founder/Director, Saint Soul

Lux Amare Fan

I can’t go without my Luxury Skin Care Oil and Pumpkin Jasmine Serum. I love the different therapeutic mists. This is a wonderful product run by an extremely sensitive and amazing woman!

Lux Amare Fan

Jamie O’Brien - Administrative Assistant

I can't say enough wonderful things about these products! I use them daily, my partner uses them, my daughter uses them and I gift them often. My skin looks and feels better than it ever has. I am a Reiki Master and I use Lux Amare products exclusively as part of my healing practice. I will never use anything else!

Jamie O’Brien  Administrative Assistant

Krystal Pearson - LAc.Herbalist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Blue Jasmin Acupuncture & Herbs

I absolutely LOVE all of the Lux Amare products. I use them every day. They feel so lovely on my skin and the aromas are amazing and therapeutic. I also offer the Lux Amare line in my private practice. My clients are very pleased with them. It is easy to feel the love & sweetness infused into each bottle of this organic, locally made product. I am deeply grateful for these fabulous products. I highly recommend Lux Amare to everyone I know.

Krystal Pearson, LAc.  Herbalist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Blue Jasmin Acupuncture & Herbs
Lisa Hammond - Yoga Instructor

I've been using Lux Amare’s products for over three years now. Everything I have used is absolutely wonderful ♥My favorite (right now) is the Tranquility blend - such a wonderful smell 🙂 My skin has never felt better - thank you Elizabeth!

Lisa Hammond. Yoga Instructor

Katheryn Penquite

Lux Amare products have worked wonders for me! The Clarifying Concentrate and Luxury Skin Care Oil have changed my skin completely! I also love all of the Lux Amare Wellness Body & Bath oils and Concentrates. The Peace  blend has been such a comfort and really helps relax my mind and body for sleep. I can’t imagine my life without Lux Amare! <333

Katheryn Penquite

Aimee Rica

Elizabeth is a master at blending oils to help with any number of issues. Her products really work, are natural and safe, and are very good quality. I use her products on my children without having to worry about any harmful ingredients. I'm so thankful to have found the Lux Amare line of products!

Aimee Rica

Rosandra Esquivel

I use nothing but Lux Amare products on my sensitive skin. It has done wonders! The quality comes through as they feed, nourish and replenish my skin. My entire family uses the products, including my pups!

Rosandra Esquivel

Erin Fields

For years now we have had the good fortune to be able to use Lux Amare products. From our first aid kit, to mama and baby wellness needs to the most incredible skin care line I have ever used. If I could rate these products individually, or the company as a whole higher than 5 stars I would do so without hesitation. I have never been disappointed in a products efficacy or a blends efficiency.

Erin Fields


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