About The Founder, Elizabeth Reynolds

Elizabeth Reynolds

I’ve always resonated with the gentle vibration of Nature’s remedies. My journey as a professional aromatherapist continues to be a joyful and transformative experience. I have been providing holistic healing, consulting, custom formulations and aromatherapy workshops since 1989.

Essential oils and other aromatics have been used for thousands of years in spiritual and religious rituals and to treat various illnesses. My years of research, taking and teaching workshops, and hands-on experience have dramatically demonstrated the healing power and mind-body connection of essential oils. Personal and professional observation and feed-back have repeatedly confirmed the effectiveness of my complex essential oil formulations. Numerous clients and customers experience positive and at times a profound impact on their emotional well-being as well as relief from their physical symptoms.

It is truly my honor to be in service to your wellness.

  • 2010 Lux Amare launched
  • 1989-2016 Private practice
  • 1998 Certificate Institute of Aromatherapy Philippe Mailhebiau, France; Prescribing Aromatic Medicine
  • 1997 Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy Course, California
  • 1992-1995 The Oaks, Ojai, CA & The Palms, Palm Springs, CA; Aromatherapy Instructor & Formulator
  • 1993-1996 Southern California Women’s Herbal Symposium; Aromatherapy Instructor
  • 1989-1992 Essential Aromatics, Ojai, California; Essential Oil Formulator, Custom Blends, Aromatherapy Instructor, Massage Therapist
  • 1991 John Steele Aromatherapy Course, Southern California
  • 1990 Shirley Price Aromatherapy Course, Southern California
  • 1989 Certificate Massage and Shiatsu Therapist; Santa Barbara School of Massage, Santa Barbara, California


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