Oil Cleansing? What?

Use oil to cleanse, purify, balance, nourish, and heal the skin?? Well, not just oil, but read on...

Back when I first introduced the Luxury Skin Care Oil, “Oil Cleansing” was pretty new and revolutionary in the world of skin care. It struck me as a crazy fad because I had been so conditioned by the cosmetic industry. For decades we have been coached that we need to use soap (gel is just a fancier name) and water to cleanse, abrasion (acids, chemical peels, grains, etc.) to exfoliate, and alcohol-based “toners” to achieve clear, glowing, dewy-looking skin. Most of us have bought into this myth.

These products actually “strip” the natural, protective oils from our skin.  As a result, we have tight, dehydrated skin, that in some cases can be followed by the inevitable oil slick or congested, “combination” skin, breakouts, premature hyper-pigmentation and serious vulnerability to environmental toxins.

To address the dehydration, we purchase “moisturizers”, most of which contain petroleum by-products; petrolatum, mineral oil and/or silicones (dimethicone) that further exacerbate our skin problems by creating a barrier that compromises a key function of our skin: to absorb and release. Seriously; stop reading now, grab your moisturizers and lotions and see if they contain mineral oil, dimethicone, petrolatum or petroleum.

Add to this mix the potentially irritating fragrances and other synthetic chemicals and we will likely have problems with our skin. I’ve struggled with all of these skin problems, as well as acne and red, irritated, sensitive skin. Then I hit my fifties and had wrinkles to battle as well.

As a full-time researcher and formulator, I eventually came across the idea of the oil cleansing method. As a Master Aromatherapist for over 30 years, I’m a big advocate of holistic wellness and the power of essential oils, but this oil cleansing idea was a challenge for me – so brainwashed have I been by the skin “care” industry.

But what did I have to lose by trying? I had already tried virtually every skin care product on the market; my standard for an acceptable skin care product being one that didn’t break me out further.

The suggested oil cleansing method I read about included olive or sunflower oil and castor oil. But ugh! Thick and almost impossible to wash out of washcloths and towels. Then I discovered my personal and professional favorite carrier oil to be Fractionated Coconut Oil. Why? FCO contains nutrients and healing properties with the added benefits of being water-soluble, easily absorbed or rinse off, won’t potentially over-dry like castor oil, and is very light – in fact light enough to use daily. It doesn’t oxidize or stain washcloths and towels, and I don’t know of another carrier oil that can be said about. Plus, it is an excellent carrier for essential oils, which in my business is critical. That covers a lot of bases.

I got underway cleansing my face with fractionated coconut oil to which I had added lavender for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and cell-regenerating benefits and geranium to balance sebum, purify skin, and uplift my spirits. 

The first thing I noticed was how luxurious it felt to cleanse my face with oil ~ it was lovely! It was relaxing and soothing. After about a minute of massaging it onto my dry skin, I gently removed the oil, dissolved make-up, and grime from the day with a wash cloth and warm water.

My skin was glowing and felt dewy. The condition of my skin continued to steadily improve and within weeks the redness, irritation and occasional breakouts became a distant memory. That is how Lux Amare Luxury Skin Care Oil was born.

Yes, healthy, balanced, dewy skin is as close as your fingertips and a bottle of Lux Amare Luxury Skin Care Oil.

What's more, we can free ourselves from giant corporations and their recommended skin care regime involving cleansers that strip and compromise the acid mantle (our skins’ protective barrier), leaving it vulnerable to the environment and synthetic chemicals that further ravage our skin.

I have since researched and discovered the benefits of numerous botanical extracts and their active properties. We do not need to get a prescription and pay the big bucks for the synthetic derivation. We can benefit from Omega-3, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and other numerous nutrients that are readily available and easily absorbed into our skin through the use of botanical extracts.

These beneficial botanical extracts can all be found in the Lux Amare Facial Serums; Botanical Sun Protectant, Ylang Ylang Glow Facial Serum, Facial Skin Food, Activating Serum Original Formula and Triple Strength, Rose Therapy Hydrating Serum and Facial & Eye Creme, and Orange Blossom Firming Eye Serum.

Please note - cleansing more than once per day (with anything!) can dry your skin. Please use the Luxury Skin Care Oil once per day, just a 1/2 pump, preferably at the end of the day. Then in the morning, simply splash your face thoroughly with warm water to freshen and rinse any detox that occurred during sleep. (You know how when we get up in the morning, we need to use the toilet, wash out our eyes and brush our teeth? Your skin detoxes during the night as well!) I prefer applying my facial serums in the mornings for this reason.

For a clean make-up to go along with your new pure botanical skin care, I recommend RMS Beauty and Rejuva Minerals, available online.

See  our instructional video here:  

Here's to your fabulous skin!


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