Zoom Intensive Healing Serum
Zoom Intensive Healing Serum

Intensive Healing Serum

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Intensive Healing Serum is an advanced formulation of highly regenerative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory essential oils. This blend contains the rare and exotic Helichrysum italicum from Corsica, prized for its regenerative properties as well as French Helichrusum absolute. Other key ingredients include calendula, German chamomile and lavender for their valuable anti-inflammatory action and potent analgesic benefits, as well as ginger and marjoram to increase circulation and aid in healing.

This formulation provides pain relief as well as tissue regeneration while providing uplifting qualities.



Cellular regenerative

Tissue repair

Increase circulation

Traumatic injury.

Major tissue damage.

Severe swelling and bruising.

Bone fractures, tendon or muscle tears.

Major surgery.

Proprietary blend of seven pristine flower, herbal and root essential oils known for their regenerative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, healing and anti-depressive properties.

15 ml/1/2 oz euro style bottle.

Intensive Healing Serum


Customer Reviews

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Krystal Pearson
It’s magical!

I love this intensive healing serum. It works so quickly. My clients love it as well & have had amazing results with it. I highly recommend trying it & keeping it in your ‘medicine cabinet’ + travel kit! :-)
-Krystal Pearson
Blue Jasmin Acupuncture, Herbs & Yoga

Christie Peterson

I always use this when I have an injury or pain. The scent helps calm me along with aiding my recovery. Highly recommended!

Denise Guggenheim
Helpful for skin rash

This blend is helpful for the intense skin rashes that I have all over my body and also helpful with Herpes.


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