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Acute Derma Soothe

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Lux­u­ri­ous and heal­ing, you will love the soothing quality of this rich cream. Spe­cially for­mu­lated with an abun­dance of revi­tal­iz­ing, beneficial botan­i­cal essences to cor­rect and restore skin to opti­mal con­di­tion. Ease and relieve symp­toms of redness, irritation, and extremely dam­aged skin with an extensive collection of superb essential oils. Extremely effective in healing surgical incisions, severe skin trauma, burns, dry and weathered skin. 

100% active ingre­di­ents. 100% pure, botan­i­cal, organic.

Lux­u­ri­ous and heal­ing.

Soothing and revi­tal­iz­ing.

Beneficial botan­i­cal essences.

Cor­rects and restores skin to opti­mal con­di­tion.

Raw, irritated, inflamed skin.

Extremely dam­aged skin.

Surgical incisions and severe skin trauma.

Burns, dry and weathered skin.

Damaged skin due to radiation and laser treatments, sunburn.

Organic aloe bar­baden­sis leaf juice, organic coconut oil, glycerin, emulsifying wax, grapeseed oil, camel­lia, tamanu, sun­flower, pump­kin, macadamia, and rosehip oils, stearic acid, phenoxyethenol, xanthan gum, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate. Highest quality essen­tial oils of Corsican helichrysum, French helichrysum absolute, sea buckthorn, rosehip, evening prim­rose, neroli, frankincense, car­rot, German chamomile, juniper, berg­amot, gera­nium, laven­der, patchouli, cal­en­dula, ben­zoin, and myrrh.

My eyelid eczema disappeared overnight after using your Acute Derma Soothe Blend. Usually, I have to deal with red, itchy, thick eyelids for a week after wearing makeup. Impressive results. Thank you!

I use Acute Derma Soothe on Jess (28 months) and have had incredible success. She is somewhat product sensitive and she has a great response with this.

I’ve been using the Lux Amare Acute Derma Soothe for radiation burned and blistered skin and it has healed very quickly. I am so pleased and my MD is “amazed” at the results!

After a week with Acute Derma Soothe, I don’t bother with foundation or concealer. The redness and dryness has gone and my skin is supple and clear. And I swear I see a decrease in wrinkles. I am now taking before & after pix and I wish I had started earlier. I love Lux Amare Wellness blends, but had no idea I would fall in love with this cream!!!

My 5-year old son started getting a rash/itch in his groin area, on one of those crazy, hot valley summer days. I applied Acute Derma Soothe to the area (made sure he was clean first, of course), a thin layer, twice a day for two days and the whole darn thing disappeared, just like that. Now my son reaches for the Acute Derma Soothe as it is his cream now, in case he has any boo-boos or ouches.

My husband stole my Acute Derma Soothe. He has (had) very bad eczema. His skin is beautiful now, no flare-ups. Had to get him his own bottle.

The Acute Derma Soothe works wonders on pups. My little guy had a hot spot that he just would not stop going after and I rubbed a pump of the Soothe and it helped over night. Not what I was expecting nor did I buy the Acute Derma Soothe for him but anything I can use AND my pup can too has to be AMAZING!!!

We originally limited dairy and gluten which helped our eczema issues somewhat, but the Lux Amare Baby Relax and a spot of Acute Derma Soothe cleared it up completely. I wash her with the Baby Relax and give her a bit of a massage with that and a spot of the Acute Derma Soothe in problem areas. It’s magic.

I used the Acute Derma Soothe on my décolletage and was like, wow. So started using it on my face and under my eyes. The bags I had are gone. My skin is bump free and the discolored patches I thought were due to redhead skin, dryness or just distress are all gone!

The Acute Derma Soothe is one of my favorite Lux Amare products! I can’t believe all the things it can do. I love it for my face, cuts, scrapes, burns, you name it… it’s a lot of power in a little bottle!

Your Acute Derma Soothe rocks!!! I use 3 drops of the Activating Serum and the Acute Derma Soothe. My skin is already much better and feeling wonderful. Did I mention this is the first time I’m using these amazing products!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your products make me feel beautiful.

The Acute Derma-Soothe is a jar of miraculous healing. It got rid of my rosacea on my face and my eczema and it helped heal the dog bite wound on my leg. I will not have a scar and I will not have any damage to my skin – all because of you and your wonderful products. My face loves it and my leg loves it! I will give you photos and the routine I have followed. Would love it if it helps people understand the power of what you are offering. I just can’t explain how grateful I am.

I have tried every over-the-counter and every topical prescription medication prescribed by my dermatologists and my eczema condition just got worse. The dermatologist recently prescribed a potent oral auto-immune suppressant drug (Cyclosporine) which, much to their displeasure, I have refused to take. I’ve been in misery, but I keep searching for a natural remedy. After using your products for less than 30 days, I am experiencing something extraordinary. My skin is calming. The incessant itching and painful burning is lessening. The angry redness is abating. For the first time since I was diagnosed with this condition 4 years ago I have Hope. Thank you so much! Imagine my despair when I pushed down on the pump of the Acute Derma-Soothe a couple of nights ago and very little came out! I have been scraping the insides of the bottle with the pump stick to get out every last bit of your magical potion! Although I have only used this and your Luxury Skin Care Oil, and for less than 30 days, they are by far the most luxurious and wonderful stuff I have ever put on my skin!

Your Acute Derma Soothe is AMAZING. I can already see my son’s eczema condition getting better. I put on your cream and in 20 min it started looking better.

If I could, I’d buy this stuff by the gallon! Love it!

Magic in a bottle!

My son keeps having eczema break-outs and I swear the Lux Amare Acute Derma Soothe works almost immediately for him.

I have a spot on my elbow and it’s the ONLY thing that has worked!

I went for a hike with my daughters and our dogs. My doggies had very sore paws. I used Lux Amare Acute Derma Soothe on them, no more sore paws!!!! Amazing!

Acute Derma Soothe

$34.00 Regular price

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Best aromatherapy skin product

Nancy Wader

Acute Derma Soothe is amazing. It clears my eczema.

Annika Derenick
Absolute Gold

This is an incredible product that has quickly become my must have beauty product. There are no substitutions. Trust me, I’ve tried. I use this as my daily moisturizer. I have extremely sensitive skin and this stuff keeps it happy, glowing and free of breakouts and rashes. Even if it didn’t do all of these wonderful things for my skin, I’d likely buy it for its intoxicating scent. It smells gorgeous in a very natural, subtle way. Highly recommend!

Acute Derma Soothe leaves kind of a comfortable velvet finish.

The Acute Derma Soothe leaves kind of a comfortable velvet finish. I am so trained to think that it needs to feel greasy to work. Anyway, the foundation looked better over that than any cream I have been using. I am also applying to my 3yo's chapped skin and it's helped so much!

Great Product

I have dry skin and it helped out a lot


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