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Zoom Sexy Juicy - Euphoric
Zoom Sexy Juicy - Euphoric
Zoom Sexy Juicy - Euphoric

Sexy Juicy - Euphoric

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Sexy Juicy brings together the aphrodisiac qualities of our exotic Palace Nights blend and the relaxing benefits of our Serenity blend. With its heavenly aromatics, it boasts both calming and euphoric qualities. Bergamot is de-stressing and uplifting while helping to bring balance to the mind and spirit. Orange is mildly sedative, while tangerine helps ease tension and irritability. Grapefruit stimulates neurotransmitters that create a slight euphoria and feelings of well-being. Sandalwood is soothing and deeply relaxing. It’s effects are slow and powerful, calming and harmonizing. Ylang-ylang, the “Flower of Flowers”, releases endorphins and reduces blockages in the heart. Rose, the “Queen of Flowers”, is deeply feminine and excellent for healing and opening the heart. Neroli (orange flower) is antidepressant, reduces anxiety and nervous tension.

Euphoric and aphrodisiac.

Emotional sedative.

Calms and soothes emotions.

Emotional static, friction.

Shut down heart and emotions.

Loss of interest in intimacy, sexuality.

Bergamot, orange, tangerine, ruby red grapefruit, mandarine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, neroli, rose and jasmine absolutes.

Lux Amare Wellness Blends provide quick and effective symptom relief as well as soothing  and uplifting aromatic benefits.

½ oz Concentrate: Apply just 10 – 12 drops to inner arm, chest, neck or add to bath just before stepping in.

4oz Body & Bath Oil: Three – four pumps are perfect for bath oil and massage. You’ll discover Lux Amare Wellness Blends are the only body moisturizer you’ll ever need.

4 oz Mist: Mist freely as needed into room, inhale deeply.

Sexy Juicy - Euphoric

$34.00 Regular price



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