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Naturally soothe morning sickness and travel sickness. Calm upset, sour tummy and indigestion. Uplift mood and ease nervous tension and anxiety. Classic essences of Italian mandarine, wild orange and pink grapefruit blend delightfully with warming ginger and exotic, grounding and soothing Mysore sandalwood. Pregnancy safe.

Essences of organic wild orange, pink grapefruit and Italian mandarin help ease digestive problems, depression, headaches, nervous exhaustion and tension. Warm and lightly spicy ginger eases nausea, indigestion and sour stomach. Soothing, calming Mysore sandalwood helps alleviate nausea, diarrhea, depression, insomnia and stress-related complaints. Pregnancy safe.

Anxiety and nervous tension.

Morning sickness and travel sickness.

Nausea, sour stomach, indigestion, flatulence.

Nervous stomach due to pregnancy related anxiety, nervous tension.

Highest quality, pure essential oils of organic wild orange, pink grapefruit, Italian mandarin, ginger, and Mysore sandalwood in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

1/2oz dropper bottle

Mama Tummy Soothe




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