Teething Pain Protocol

Sharing a recent post from a closed group in response to pain and upset from teething and hours without sleep for everyone. Lots of good info here!

There are three items I would like you to consider that will make a huge difference in your little one’s overall discomfort, pain levels, and stress.

1. Chamomile Baby Rub

It is analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-inflammatory and works for almost every baby issue under the sun (and moon ); teething, earache, distress and emotional upset, colic, cuts, scrapes, diaper rash/skin issues, ringworm, yeast, immunization site swelling and pain, stings, burns, and more. It is a pure formulation of Fine French Lavender and a very special German Chamomile in a base of fractionated coconut oil. The formulation has a special synergy that is very helpful. It works equally well for emotions and physical issues. It is a concentrate and as such only 1-2 drops is a therapeutic dose. One drop/10-lbs body weight applied topically (externally) to affected area is optimal and it can be repeated hourly (or more) when symptoms are acute.

2. Baby Relax

It is a great pre-bedtime oil that can be used as a cleanser, moisturizer, massage oil, scalp oil, and soothing/relaxing body oil. Massage all over your babe to ease into a calm and soothing slumber. Lots of mamas use this on themselves for after-shower body moisturizing. Both products are designed for babies and are completely safe.

3. Protection Concentrate

Here’s why: Some baby’s pain tolerance for teething makes it a horrible ordeal for all concerned.

The Protection blend is for all upper respiratory issues as well as pain. 1-2 drops massaged externally (all products are for external application) over jaw, cheekbones, and above and below mouth area, will allow the blend to provide quick, gentle pain relief as well as helping their immune systems by providing anti bacterial and anti viral properties. One drop/10-lbs body weight applied topically (externally) to affected area is optimal!

As long as you are following the recommended dosages above, it is fine to use the Protection Concentrate and the Chamomile Baby Rub at the same time. I prefer you alternate the two every half hour when possible to allow for a nice overlap of addressing symptoms.

Remember Protection Concentrate is not for newborns or babes under 2 months, or 12 lbs. although it is fine to put a drop on the collar of their sleeper if they are congested or on mama’s breast during breastfeeding.


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