Eau de Parfum ~ Summer

We all love the Lux Amare products for the amazing magic they work, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes, we just want to smell good and feel good too! Wouldn’t it be great to accomplish that without investing our hard earned money in commercial perfumes that are full of toxic chemicals?

Voila! Introducing Eau de Parfum ~ Summer! This warm, sunny perfume rings out Summer, radiating beautiful notes of zesty citrus, fresh, floral lavender and warm, exotic vanilla. It also has the added bonus of uplifting your spirits and calming emotions! Eau de Parfum ~ Summer comes in a handy purse-size, with roller ball applicator and elegant Miron glass from Europe. Miron glass allows only beneficial light to penetrate to the product inside, thus preserving your perfume. Perfect for brightening your mood, easing tension, and putting you in touch with your sensuality, all while celebrating YOU and the beauty of summertime!

Eau de Par­fum ~ Sum­mer™ Lus­cious cit­rus notes of wild orange, tan­ger­ine and ruby red grape­fruit essences entwine with sen­sual French vanilla and fresh French laven­der to cre­ate a warm, sunny, per­fume.

Flirtatious, spirited and sultry.

Available in a 1/2oz rollerball in Miron glass-$40


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