Congestion * Coughs * Colds * Flu Protocol

Protection Concentrate, 1 drop/10-lbs body weight distributed over areas of congestion (under nostrils, neck, chest, back) hourly during acute phase, every 2-3 hours during moderate symptoms, then 3x daily until completely well.*

Run a Warm Mist Vaporizer. I prefer the warm mist because I am only using it during periods of congestion which when used with the Protection blend (can not do this with a cool mist version) amounts to 1-2 days. Add 5 drops to the oil reservoir (the unit must have a reservoir specifically for this purpose) about every 3-5 hours.
Yes, caution must be used with a warm mist around children due to obvious risks of burning from steam/hot water in unit, which is why doctors routinely recommend cool mist. For effectiveness with essential oils, the warm mist is VERY effective and the cool mist is of no use.
Warm Mist Vaporizer vs Cool Mist Humidifier

Two sample models of Warm Mist Vaporizer (This unit boils the water to provide a visible mist that is 95% bacteria free.)

***You are looking for a model that has the oil reservoir where you will put 5 drops of Protection Concentrate every 3-5 hours.***|pdp|viewed_bought|pdph1


When it comes to very young or low weight children (under two months, under 12 pounds), I encourage you to use the Lux Amare Chamomile Baby Rub and the Baby Relax for issues that arise as opposed to the Wellness Blends.
If congestion is a big issue in a very young baby, a drop of Lux Amare Protection Concentrate can be placed on the collar of their sleeper or on mamas breast for baby to have exposure while nursing.


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