Clarifying Concentrate & Pumpkin Jasmine Serum for Breakouts – Protocol

Clarifying Concentrate is to be applied ONLY to break-outs. Typically one drop is placed in the palm and then using a finger from the other hand, touch the drop with a finger and apply to the break out.

Or, wet a Q-tip, squeeze out the water, dip the Q-tip into the drop of Clarifying Concentrate and apply just to the break-out. This can be repeated AM & PM. I’ve actually rubbed Clarifying Concentrate into a cystic acne 6 x in one day and it was gone in 24 hours as opposed to two weeks that it would take in the past to heal using commercial products.

The Pumpkin Jasmine Serum is a treatment for the entire face to hydrate and nourish. A teen may or may not need this step, depending on diet, general health, hydration, hormones, etc. 2 drops may be all that a young person needs. Once into late 20’s and into the 30’s, most need about 4 drops for the entire face and another 4 for neck and chest.

Place needed drops of Pumpkin Jasmine Serum in palm, dip in finger and dot all over face, avoiding any areas that are broken out and focus on areas that are dehydrated/dry/lined. Press and smooth gently over entire face, avoiding areas that are broken out unless they are very dry.

Watching the videos for each of these products on the website might provide extra help too!

My 22 old daughter who has used the Lux Amare Skin Care Protocol for 5 years has this to add:

“I know it is pricey, however NOTHING compares to the Activating Serum Triple Strength for improving the overall health and functionality of the skin.”

The reason? The Activating Serum Triple Strength is triple the essential oil formulation. This formulation is so very regenerative, invigortive, skin conditioning, and anti photo-aging, that applied judiciously as instructed above, provides the most superb results.


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